Do you find yourself in a constant cycle of empathy and frustration with your teen?

Mum and teenager
Mum and teenager

You want nothing more than for them to feel good, be confident and overcome their struggles. But it seems like every time you offer advice or try to help, they either push you away further, get frustrated, break down or get angry. You can't seem to win no matter what you do.

You hear conflicting messages from family, well-meaning friends, even their school. But you know they don't understand and it's not as easy as they say. You worry constantly that they will do something dangerous, or will be stuck struggling with their mental well-being.

The problem is that all the well-meaning advice is generic. It doesn't account for your parent-child dynamic. It doesn't factor in the expectations you both have around how your relationship should be and it doesn't account for the past experiences, pains and difficulties you have both encountered.

What if as a parent you could get insight into how to help your teen heal, how to see the patterns that are keeping you both in a cycle of push and pull, and to explore new ways to develop the parent-child relationship so you both gain? What if you could do all this without your teen having to be present in the sessions? - This is what parental hypnotherapy sessions help achieve.

We all have a parent-child bond at all levels of our mind. The conscious bond we are aware of, and the subconscious bond we often don't think about.

Have you ever had the experience when you 'just get that feeling', you know something is wrong with your teen, you don't need to be in the same room, or even the same location - you just know! That's your subconscious bond, some call it mother's intuition. Whatever we call it, we feel and know it's there to some degree.

Parental hypnotherapy sessions work with the natural parent-child bond you have with your teen at the subconscious level. The sessions are a powerful approach to self-healing and surrogacy healing (healing for your teen).

Teen and Parent Help
Teen and Parent Help

When are parental sessions more useful than my teen having hypnotherapy directly?

Parental hypnotherapy sessions are a great option in the following scenarios:

Your teen is not open to getting help directly through any type of therapy

Your child or teen has experienced trauma and may be too anxious to work with someone they don't know

Your teen has contraindications to having hypnotherapy directly or learning needs that may make following instruction difficult

Can parental sessions be used to help younger children?

Younger children are usually more open to having hypnotherapy sessions directly. They tend to have fewer barriers to getting help so having hypnotherapy sessions directly is usually the preferred approach. However parental sessions can be used on younger children.

How do I know this is the right approach?

Parental hypnotherapy sessions are not the typical hypnotherapy sessions that you may have experienced or know of. Parental sessions require a degree of openness to accepting that we are connected at levels of consciousness beyond what our conscious mind observes. As a parent experiencing hypnotherapy, you will benefit from the release of stress and the emotional worry that comes with that responsibility. That in itself can help the parent-child dynamic. However, for the sessions to be deeply beneficial for your teen, you must be open to the idea that healing can take place through that family bond.


How long are the sessions?

How many sessions are needed?

How often are the sessions?

What is the price for parental sessions?

Parental sessions are between 1.5 - 2hrs duration. It is best to leave some time afterwards to either rest or go for a walk. It's best not to have work commitments directly after a session.

Typical 3 -4 sessions are needed to complete the process

Unlike traditional hypnotherapy which usually requires a weekly frequency, parental sessions involve deep healing work which may require longer processing in-between sessions. During each session, we will establish how long is beneficial before the next session.

Parental Hypnotherapy Sessions are £250 per session, or £650 for a block of 3 sessions

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