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Transformative Hypnotherapy for Teens and Children: Unlocking Their Potential

Adaptability, resilience and a strong self-worth

The mindset tools all children and teenagers need in today's challenging world. Mental health issues for children and teenagers are at record levels. Unfortunately, the education system is not equipped to support children to develop a well-being mindset. As a parent or guardian of a child or teenager who is struggling with their mental health, it can feel like there are long waiting lists and little support available. Imagine your child being able to learn about their mindset, how to regulate their emotions and change their habits and behaviours in a positive manner. Here at Youngminds Hypnotherapy, we help them do exactly that.

Sometimes, all we need is to be shown the way

When working with children and teenagers they need to be engaged quickly and feel at ease. They don't want to talk for long periods of time about their issues - nor should they. Their brain and mind are set up to learn and have new experiences that engage them whilst they learn to reprocess negative feelings or behaviours that don't help them. That's why when I work with your child I will quickly establish how they respond best and adapt the many mindset tools and techniques to their needs. Ultimately we both want to help your child release their issues and feel empowered as they continue to grow.

Anxiety and Worry

Your child is not always going to know or be able to tell you they have anxiety. But as a parent you will notice behavioural changes in them, including being withdrawn, and seeming worried, they may even show signs of panic - racing heart, sweaty palms and shaking.

Anxiety is a natural response by the brain and body to potential threats. Sometimes our minds become hyper-alert and we feel anxious even when there is no real danger. The good news is it possible to retrain the mind and body connection to reduce the feelings of anxiety and gain back control of anxious thoughts.

Anxious teenager
Anxious teenager
Ocd children
Ocd children

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Overcoming Trauma

Phobias in Children
Phobias in Children

Fears and Phobias

Increase Self-Esteem and Confidence

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety condition that can affect children and teenagers. OCD symptoms include unwanted thoughts, worries or impulses called obsessions along with repetitive actions -- known as compulsions. These compulsions are performed by the child to soothe and calm the anxiety caused by these persistent concerns.

When children or teenagers experience trauma either directly or indirectly through family trauma, their mind is unable to process the experience in the normal way. Everyday experiences get filed away in our memory database, but traumatic experiences tend to stay in the here and now - so even though the event was in the past the mind and body still believe it's happening now. Through hypnosis, we are able to help the mind process the memory and release the strong emotions associated with it. Enabling children to reach emotional balance and a sense of control.

When we think of phobias, we tend to think of being scared of spiders or snakes. However, there are much more complex phobias and fears that children can have, that need professional support to help them overcome them. These include:

  • Agoraphobia - fear of open spaces

  • Claustrophobia - fear of small spaces

  • Emetophobia - fear of being sick /vomit

  • Hypochondria - fear of illness

  • Mysophobia - fear of dirt and germs

We build our confidence and self-esteem from our earliest experiences as a child through to adulthood. Sometimes a child who may have seemed previously confident starts to show signs of low self-esteem. Some of the ways children show their lack of confidence can be through putting themselves down, withdrawing from activities they used to like, being fearful of trying something new in case they are judged or constantly comparing themselves to others. Confidence and self-esteem can take time to build but giving them the tools to build their confidence and resilience will set them up to grow into confidence secure adults.

Hi, I'm Sarah, I help children and young people overcome mental and emotional challenges and build resilient mindsets.

Your child is your top priority and when things start to go wrong and you see them struggling, getting the right support is key. You'll want to know you are doing the right thing for your child and that they will start to see improvements in a short space of time. - That's my priority too.

I'm a fully certified and registered clinical hypnotherapist. Registered paediatric hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. I work directly with children and young people 10 yrs up to 18yrs.

Sarah Hayes, Clinical and Paediatric Hypnotherapist

BSc (Hons) Psychology, Dip.Clinical Hyp,

Dip. Hyp (Paediatrics), CPNLP

Sessions are held online and are access easily via a secure Zoom connection.

Children often feel more secure in their own homes and are adept at communicating via a screen.

They can get comfortable sitting in an armchair or on the sofa and can choose to have a parent present with them.

Online Sessions

Children are typically in a semi-state of hypnosis most of the time, their minds are open to learning and new experiences. Unlike adults, their minds are quicker to adapt and grasp new ideas. This makes hypnotherapy an ideal approach to help them make positive changes. Their sessions will be focused on helping them not only with the issue they are facing now but to have the tools to grow a positive and empowered mindset. Working for their best outcome, we use a combination of NLP, hypnotherapy and positive mindset tools.

How we work together

Issue: Emetophobia and Anxiety

”Today is another monumental achievement ... to our absolute shock Lilly insisted on going to school...what a difference to where we were before her first session with you! Your support has been a massive contribution to her overcoming this.”

- Mum of Lilly (12 yrs)

Issue: Confidence

”In school, I volunteered to read in front of the class and felt confident. I felt like I didn't have to worry and I could just focus on reading. So our session was really helpful and I am very grateful for your help.”

- Jess (14yrs)

Issue: Trauma and Behaviour

” I just wanted to let you know I got Jack's term results for behaviour, as you can see a massive improvement he was getting poor and bad every day [now good and excellent]. Thank you again for helping us what a difference”

- Mum of Jack (15 yrs)

Issue: Confidence

Wow the change in [ - ] since her latest session is so obvious again! She's still a bit conscious about things like asking for things in shops but she's so much happier being around people.

- Mum of 13yr old girl -

Issue: Managing Emotions

& School Refusal

"She has found the sessions she had with you really helpful. She has gone into school successfully throughout the half term with just a couple of days where she has been reluctant but has overcome this well and no days were she has refused to go. It's an amazing change from last year and gives me huge hope that she will continue to build up her resilience to feeling reluctant and will be able to cope with going to senior school independently next year.

- Mum of 10yr old girl- 

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Getting Started

The next step is for us to discuss the help your child/teenager needs. The easiest way to do this is to schedule a free consultation call. During this call, we can establish if this is the right approach for you and your child. Simply select the date and time below and I will call you at the agreed time.

If we both agree it's the right approach for your child, I will then send you a link to book the first session to get them started.